The foundation of our sustainability efforts is responsible corporate governance. Healthcare Realty’s Board of Directors and senior management ensure that sound governance practices drive long-term success and reduce risks for the Company.

Governance Principles & Policies

Our commitment to strong governance and transparency is found in our publicly available Corporate Governance documents.

As best practices for corporate governance continue to evolve, Healthcare Realty remains committed to implementing shareholder friendly policies. Examples include:


  • Board members all elected annually
  • Opted out of the MUTA, preventing the Company from classifying or “staggering” the board without shareholder approval
  • Implemented “proxy access” allowing eligible stockholders to include their own nominees for director in the Company’s proxy materials
  • Anti-Hedging Policy
  • Independent board chairman
  • Annual “say-on-pay” vote by shareholders on the compensation of our Named Executive Officers (NEOs)
  • Use of restricted stock with five-year cliff vesting periods as primary means of senior management equity incentive compensation

Board Diversity

Healthcare Realty is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.

In 2019, the Company set a goal to have at least one-third of its Board of Directors represented by women and/or minority backgrounds by 2022. This goal was achieved with the addition of a new board member in May 2021. Furthermore, 89% of the Company’s board has been elected since 2015, reducing average tenure from 17 years down to six. Our new board members bring healthcare experience, financial expertise and increase female and minority representation.

Board Transition(1)

(1) Based on data as reported in annual Proxy Statements
(2) The Company set a goal in 2019 to achieve 33% women/minority representation on its board by 2022
(3) As of March 2021