Through operational efficiency, strategic capital planning and data monitoring, we continue to improve our portfolio’s overall performance. These efforts are critical to our sustainable business strategy, mitigating climate risk and reducing utility costs, one of our largest operating expenses. In turn, our tenants, hospital system partners and shareholders benefit from cost savings and higher-performing properties.


As a proud ENERGY STAR® partner since 2004, 98% of our managed buildings were benchmarked in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® in 2020.

Since 2015, we have partnered with Mechanical Resource Group (MRG) to install EnergyLogiX real-time electricity monitoring technology in buildings throughout our portfolio.

In 2019, we partnered with Black Bear Energy to identify opportunities to incorporate renewable energy initiatives in our portfolio.

In 2020, we began using Measurabl’s sustainability platform to expand collection, management, benchmarking, and reporting of environmental data and efficiency projects. Measurabl is also used to identify and understand the physical climate risks in our portfolio.

Environmental Performance Highlights(1)

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(1) Healthcare Realty’s 2020 data was impacted by reduced utilization due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during March and April. While all of our buildings remained open and operational throughout 2020, lower foot traffic and utilization reduced water consumption, energy utilization and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Compared to general office buildings, most medical office buildings saw a faster rebound in utilization and resource consumption. Consumption has normalized in 2021.

(2) Year-over-year energy, GHG and water comparisons include 158 managed properties totaling 12.5M SF with data coverage. This includes properties owned since January 2019 and excludes redevelopment projects, assets held for sale and dispositions.

(3) Baseline includes properties owned since January 2016 and excludes redevelopment projects, assets held for sale and dispositions. Energy and GHG baselines include 121 managed properties totaling 9.7M SF with energy data coverage. Water baseline includes 122 managed properties totaling 9.8M SF with water data coverage. The Company will report on a water reduction goal in 2022.

Sustainability Capital Investments

In 2020, Healthcare Realty invested $12 million on more than 200 efficiency projects throughout its portfolio including HVAC updates and replacements, reflective roofing, real-time metering, LED lighting, energy management systems, drip irrigation, and drought-resistant landscaping.
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Green Building Certifications

At September 30, 2021, Healthcare Realty owned six LEED® certified properties totaling 758,000 square feet. In 2Q 2021, we began construction on a new 106,000 square foot, on-campus LEED development project in Nashville.

In 2021, we established a new goal to increase the number of our operating buildings with green building certifications (LEED, ENERGY STAR®, IREM® CSP or similarly recognized third party certification) by at least 40 buildings by 2025. This initiative is supported by a sustainability-linked interest rate discount incorporated into our $150 million term loan due June 2026.

Overlake Medical Pavilion

LEED Silver
Seattle, WA
191,000 SF
2011 Development

Valley Medical Pavilion

LEED Certified
Seattle, WA
151,000 SF
2020 Development

Medical Arts III

LEED Certified
Houston, TX
97,000 SF
2012 Development

St. Joseph Regional Medical

South Bend, IN
206,000 SF
2013 Acquisition

Penrose Pavilion

LEED Certified
Colorado Springs, CO
70,000 SF
2012 Acquisition

Highmark Medical Center

Seattle, WA
44,000 SF
2019 Acquisition

St. Thomas Midtown Mid-State

LEED Development
Nashville, TN
106,000 SF
Redevelopment project started in 2021