Our Founder

David Emery founded the Company in 1992 and was its President and Chief Executive Officer until 2016. He served as the Company’s Chairman from 1992 until shortly before his death in 2019. Prior to 1992, Mr. Emery was engaged in the development and management of commercial real estate in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Emery was active in the real estate industry for over 45 years.

A History of Steady Growth

From an initial portfolio of 21 healthcare facilities in 1993, Healthcare Realty now owns 258 properties throughout the United States. Over the years, the Company has refined its portfolio primarily toward multi-tenant, on-campus medical office buildings, which provide stable occupancy, high tenant retention, and steady growth. Through the discerning acquisition and development of outpatient properties, Healthcare Realty’s portfolio is well diversified by geography, tenant size, and physician specialty.


Acquired Capstone Capital Corporation adding 159 properties

Acquired Baylor Healthcare System medical office facilities, adding 20 properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

Sold Senior Living Facilities to refine focus on medical office and outpatient facilities and paid a special dividend of $4.75 per share

Acquired Atrium Health medical office facilities in the Charlotte area

Acquired Bon Secours portfolio in the Richmond area

Formed JV partnership with TIAA